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Micro Converter 1080P HDMI to 3G HD SDI Video Audio Adapter for Camera HDTV Monitor
1. The Micro HDMI to SDI Converter allows HDMI signals to be shown on two SDI display while ensuring high bit rates of 2.970 Gbit/s to give you high resolution signal without any loss. For professionals this means that it is now easier to convert your high def HDMI signal with audio to SDI for long distance transmission and display your work on two SDI display.
2. Display HDMI source on two SDI displays
3. The SDI interface operates at a bit rate of 2.970 Gbit / s and 1.485 Gbit / s
4. Support HDMI input timing: 480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i, 1080P
5. Convert HDMI signal to SDI:
6. 720P / 1080i to HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M, bit rate 1.485 Gbit / s)
1080p to 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M / 425M-AB, bit rate of 2.970 Gbit / s)
7. Support SDI output distance up to 100 meters (3G-SDI), 200 meters (HD-SDI) or 300 meters (SD-SDI)

Input port: 1 x HDMI
Output port: 2 x BNC (HD-SDI / 3G-SDI)
Power: DC 5V
ESD protection human body model: ± 8kV (air-gap discharge), ± 4kV (contact discharge)
Working temperature: 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Storage temperature: 20 ° C ~ 60 ° C
Relative humidity: 20 ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Power consumption (maximum): 5W
Product size: 97 * 55 * 23mm/3.82*2.17*0.91"

HD SDI to HDMI Video Converter BNC 3G SDI to 1080P HDMI Adapter Audio Auto Format Detection for Monitor HDTV
The SDI to HDMI converter allows HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signals to be displayed on the HDMI display, while ensuring a high bit rate of 2.970 Gbit / s, thus providing you with fast signal transmission without any loss.
For professionals, this means that with the built-in HDMI converter, it is easier to distribute and extend 3G SDI signals, while enabling you to display your work on an HDMI display.

Input port: 1 x BNC (HD-SDI / 3G-SDI)
Output port: 2 x HDMI
SDI transmission rate: 2.970 Gbit / s
Input / output resolution: 720p \ 1080i \ 1080p
Power: DC 5V
ESD protection human body model: ± 8kV (air gap discharge), ± 4kV (contact discharge)
Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 40 °C / 32 °F ~ 104 °F
Storage temperature: -20 °C ~ 60 °C / -4 °F ~ 140 °F
Relative humidity: 20 ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Power consumption (maximum): 5W

Connect to your computer by Thunderbolt, and output your editing system footage to a top-resolution monitor by HDMI or SDI for precise color grading

3 Gb/s SDI Output
Get blazing speeds for recording SD and HD up to 1080HD

HDMI Output
HDMI output for amazing quality playback. Use low cost televisions for monitoring

Thunderbolt Connection
Get blazing speeds for playback in SD and HD up to 1080iHD

Converter HDMI-SDI bisa bolak balik.
Support 1080p


he Blackmagic Design CONVMCSAUD includes everything you need to de-embed 4 channels of analog audio or 8 channels of AES/EBU digital audio from any SDI video connection. Now you can easily access the audio in any SDI video connection for output to audio equipment such as audio mixers, analog broadcast decks, audio monitors and more!

Auto Switching SD and HD
Mini Converters instantly switch between standard definition and high definition video formats and changeover is automatic when the video input changes. A huge range of video standards are supported including, NTSC, PAL, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 1080psf/23.98, 1080psf/24, 720p/59.94 and 720p/50 formats, plus new formats can be added via USB.
Advanced 3 Gb/s SDI Technology
Only Mini Converters include the latest 3 Gb/s SDI technology and upgrades can be loaded via the built in USB connection for future video format compatibility. 3 Gb/s SDI is also fully compatible with all your standard definition and high definition SDI equipment.
International Power Supply
Unlike other converters, a universal power supply is included with international socket adapters for all countries. This lets you take Mini Converters with you to any location worldwide, and plug directly into the local power sockets. To stop power accidentally being disconnected, a cable tie point is included to lock down the power connection tight!
In the Box
Blackmagic Design SDI to Audio Mini Converter
  • Universal AC Adapter
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • SD/HD/3G-SDI Input
  • HDMI and SDI Loop Outputs
  • Supports SD and HD Signals
  • Automatic Input Signal Detection
  • Software Control
  • Power & Firmware Updates via USB 2.0
  • International Power Supply Included

Port Input 1 x HDMI
Output Port 1 x BNC (SDI/HD - SDI/3G - SDI)
SDI tingkat transmisi 2.970 Gbit/S dan 2.970/1.001 Gbit/S
In/output resolusi 480i, 576i, 720 P@50/59.94,60, 1080 I@50/59.94/60
1080 P@23, 97/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60
Catu Daya DC 5 V
ESD perlindungan tubuh manusia model sebuah± 8kV (udara-celah keluarnya) ,
Sebuah± 4kV (hubungi debit)
Dimensi 104 mm x 59 mm x 22 mm
Berat 72 G

No Garansi
1. 5V-12V Wide range power supply work like traditional Converter
2.Or using camera battery up to 10 hours when outdoor work, the same type battery with camera(Battery  Model #: F550/750, FM50/70,VBD1/V607)
3.Real-time current supply power for converter ,In the meantime charging the battery
4.Can display the remaining battery power
5.Professional camera hot shoe clip
6.Mini size and CNC special custom aluminum housing 
7.Convert HDMI signal to SD-SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI 



1.Shows HDMI source on SDI display
2.SDI interface operates at bit rates of 2.970/1.001 Gbit/s, 1.485Gbit/s, 1.485/1.001Gbit/s and 270M/s.
3.Converts HDMI signal to SDI: 480i/576i to SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M-C, at bit rates of 270Mbit/s)
4.720/1080i to HD SDI (SMPTE 292M, at bit rates of 10485Gbit/s or 10485/1.001Gbit/s)


1. Mini HDMI to SDI Converter*1
2.12V DC Power Supply Adapter*1
3.Operation Manual*1
  • Converts VGA Input & RCA Audio to HDMI
  • Upscales Up to 1080p
  • Upscales Up to 1080p and 1920 x 1200
  • Downscales to 480p and 640 x 480
  • Selectable Output Colorspace, Etc.
  • ProcAmp Adjustable Contrast, Etc.
  • Non-HDCP Encrypted HDMI Output
  • 1U Rack-Mountable Using Optional Adapter
No Garansi
Konverter dari Mini Displayport ke HDMI. Dengan adapter ini Anda dapat menampilan layar perangkat displayport ke layar TV atau video Switcher HDMI. Features
Fitur dari konverter ini :
Support 1080p full hd video format
HDMI Version 1.4
Cocok untuk melihat video dan audio HD
Dapat digunakan untuk semua perangkat yang memiliki Mini Displayport
Display Max. Resolution 1920 x 1200 / 1080P
Software Support Windows 2000/xp/Vista/MAC9.0/10.2 and above
Dimension 35 x 11 x 44 mm
Rp 1.500.000
Rp 1.200.000

The SDI To AV Scaler Converter Allows SD-SDI, HD-SDI And 3G-SDI Signals To Be Shown On CRT Or HDTV While Ensuring High Bit Rates Of 2.970 Gbit/s To Give You Fast Signal Transmission Without Any Loss. For Professionals This Means That It Is Now Easier To Distribute And Extend Your 3G SDI Signal While Giving You The Ability To Display Your Work On TV Thanks To The Built In This Converter. Furthermore, Thanks To The Loop-through 3G-SDI Design, Users Are Able To Enjoy Both SDI And AV At The Same Time.

  • Analog to SDI Conversion
  • Embedded Audio
  • (1) HDMI Input, (2) SDI Output
  • Embedded Audio

SDI to Analog (RCA) Conversion

  • SDI to HDMI Conversion
  • Outputs Embedded HDMI Audio
  • Balanced AES/EBU or Analog Audio
Rp 500.000
Rp 425.000

Mini SD-SDI HD-SDI 3G-SDI To HDMI Video Audio Converter

Rp 500.000
Rp 425.000

Mini SD-SDI HD-SDI 3G-SDI To HDMI Video Audio Converter

  • SD/HD/3G-SDI Input
  • HDMI and SDI Loop Outputs
  • Supports SD and HD Signals
  • Automatic Input Signal Detection
  • Software Control
  • Power & Firmware Updates via USB 2.0
  • International Power Supply Included