Video Extender

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ZY-STF505 , Navceker HD-SDI transmitter and receiver is the low cost transfer device for one way SD/HD-SDI video by single mode and multimode optical fiber cable transfer. SD/HD-SDI transmitter and receiver is designed by digital optical transfer technology, transfer long distance one way SD/HD-SDI video signal, one way tally switch quantity signal control signal on one single mode optical fiber.
Support SMPTE292M.SMPTE259M.SMPTE424 signal. The device comprise of transmitter and receiver: transmitter convert SDI signal to optical signal; receiver convert optical signal to SDI signal and output.


SD/HD-SDI video and audio transmission : 20Km by single mode;
Uncompressed,No delay ,No loss;
Support video resolution up to 1920*1080@30Hz,1080i;
Automatic adapt to SDI 270Mbps, 1.4835Gbps, 1.485Gbps, 2.967Gbps, 2.97Gbps
The transmitter with one SDI ouput(SDI Loop out );
The receiver with two SDI output;
The Mouth of Light:LC light mouth ;
The Wavelengh: Single mode 1310 nm
High compatibility, can auto-match source and display device;
Built-in automatic adjustment system, make the image smooth, clear and stable;
Built-in ESD( (Electro-Static discharge) protection system;
Simple to install, plug and play.